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The Naughty Monkey

Doesn't that sound wonderfully kinky? Or at least curiously embarrassing?? Or how about tasty and delicious?? Well, it can!
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My Pinterest Fail; Part 1

So I’m on Pinterest now. It’s horribly addicting, in case you don’t know. I saw a something there that said “Pinterest: you make me want to exercise all day and eat desserts all night.” It’s true!
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The iTunes Meme

reallyginnyf did this meme the other day and I have been wanting to do it too! (cause I wanna be just like Ginny).

The iTunes Meme

1. Total number of tracks? 113

2. Sort by title. What is the first and last track?

Adventures in Solitude -- New Pornograhers.
You Find a Way -- Graham Colton.

3. Sort by artist name. What is the first and last artist?

The Missing Frame -- AFI
The Kill -- 30 Seconds to Mars

4. What are the top ten most played tracks?

The First Single -- The Format
Inside You -- Hoobastank
Makes Me Wonder -- Maroon Five
The Kill -- 30 Seconds to Mars
On a High -- Duncan Sheik
If You Could Only See -- Tonic
Barely Breathing -- Duncan Sheik
Give a Little Bit -- Supertramp
I'm Not Over -- Carolina Liar
Love Sweet Sound -- Groove Armada.

(I was surprised at these. Because many of these I either skip or I've taken off my iPod completely because I got sick of them!)

5. What are the top ten last played tracks?

Every Man Every Woman -- Yoko Ono
There Cannot Be a Close Second -- Copeland
Wake Up Call -- Maroon 5
Show Me Love -- Robyn
Pump It -- Black Eyed Peas
The Four Seasons (Fall)-- Vivaldi
The Four Seasons (Winter)
The Four Seasons (Spring)
The Four Seasons (Summer)
Radio Free Europe -- REM

6. Search for the following words: Sex, love and death. How often does each word appear?

Sex: 0
Love: 6
Death: 0

*Flail!! Die!!*

Alan Davies Twittered to me. I can die now! *swooon*

I adore him on QI. But I became smitten when I saw the show "Bob & Rose." He's darling.

I asked if there could ever be a sequel to Bob & Rose and he said "no, it was only meant to be a one time series." But he was glad I liked it. *siiighhhh*

Whoo Hoo!!!

(from IMDB) Robin Hood (2010)

The story of an archer in the army of Richard Coeur de Lion who fights against the Norman invaders and becomes the legendary hero known as Robin Hood.

Director: Ridley Scott

Russell Crowe: Robin Hood

Cate Blanchett: Maid Marian

Matthew Macfadyen: Sheriff of Nottingham (rumored)

William Hurt: William Marshall

Vanessa Redgrave: Eleanor of Aquitaine

This could be REALLY good!!!!

Friday Music

I haven't done this in a while!! I've been totally obsessed with the band Anberlin. And thank God for Imeem. I can listen to all their albums as many times as I want!!

A band formed in Orlando around 2002, it has mostly contemporary Christian roots, but is not at all "in your face" with the religous stuff. In fact they really don't like the lable of "Chrisitan band." And most of their songs are about other issues and things. Recently they left their Christian based record lable for a more main stream record company. Their latest album "New Surrender" has a single that is #3 on the alternative rock charts "Feel Good Drag" (according to Anberlin's Twitter!).

Their songs all have great hooks. The lead singer's voice is AMAZING. And the lyrics are so poetic and interesting. They can be a bit emo sounding. But their acoustic stuff is beautiful too. This song is the one currently stuck in my head. Lyrics are included just because I find them haunting.

Anberlin "Dismantle. Repair."

Dismantle - Anberlin

(BTW, this song is NOT on the album "New Surrender" it is off the 2007 album "Cities")

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Mostly I remember him as Hugh Grant's wacky room mate in "Notting Hill." But after hearing that he's been cast as Luna Lovegood's father in DH, I decided to check him out since he was on Jonathan Ross this past week. (Which BTW, Jonathan is working to out-Twitter Stephen Fry, I do believe). He's funny, charming and kinda sexy...hmmmmm

Part 1

Part 2

Happy Birthday Protowilson!!!!

April 1st is a SPECIAL DAY! Not because it is April Fools Day. Not because it is the Weasley Twins' birthday (although that is pretty damn important!)

Today is special because it is protowilson's birthday!!

I think we all have really wonderful things to say about Proto. She is so creative and talented and intelligent and funny and compassionate. All of us have marveled at the amazing pictures she does for us at our birthdays or even just down times of our lives (like when I was in the hospital). So what do you do for someone like that when it is THEIR birthday?? I mean a case of alcohol and a foot rub from Snape would be great! But what could WE do??

I decided we should return the favor. Now granted...most of us are NOT artists! But compared to Proto, who is?? I contacted several great LJ people and asked if they would like to contribute to Protowilson Birthday Project! Many were happy to give their best! The fun of it was to realize that we could not duplicate Proto's talent, but maybe we could give her laugh, none the less.

So, here are the artistic endeavors of just some of your friends that really appreciate all that you do and hope that your birthday is super and amazing (just like you!)
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Writer's Block: GIP (Gratuitous Icon Post)

You finally have an excuse to use it—what userpic do you not get to use very often but can't delete because it's just that awesome?

catsplay made this. I keep thinking I'll save it for those "duh..what am I doing again?" posts. I know I make those!!